The True Need Of Relationships

the true need of relationships

By Relationship-blog

People need a relationship to live in society.

As a first need of a relationship is the need of communication with people around us. If we do not know how or cannot communicate we will not develop our thinking anymore. So, why do we need a relationship? Because relationships define people, they define who people really are. Since you know the person then you can establish a relationship with that person. Perhaps, having prejudices, you judged, criticized or even hated a person before knowing that person and being able to establish a relationship. After getting to know that person we can realize the positive and good things hidden in him/her.

For me two kinds of relationships are most important: with my parents and with friends

Why do I need a relationship with my parents?

the true need of relationships

Because I need pieces of advice, support, encouragement, love and understanding from them. I consider that not having a good relationship with your family makes you an incomplete person, that kind of person who seeks this need elsewhere.

Why do I need a relationship with my friends?

the true need of relationships

The second most important relationship is that with my best friend. I discovered the need of a friendly relationship with her six years ago when I was in high school. For me this friendly relationship is more important than somebody may think. Why this need for a friendly relationship? Because a great friendship is one of the most beautiful and pure feeling one can have.

I believe that this need of being in a relationship – whether a family one or a friendly one – is as vital as water in our lives. Having people close to us can really improve our process of getting mature and it also helps us feeling protected and supported. Life without relationships would be boring and incomplete.