Do We Really Need Relationships?

The need for relationships was suggested since the beginning of time in the writings of well known authors such as William Shakespeare and Margaret Mitchell. They presented relationships as something that is worth even dying for in the name of true love, a sacrifice that is meant to give our lives a purpose.


What can be more beautiful than a genuine connection that raises us spiritually and is the only valuable treasure a man could ever got in his life?


Of course, it comes with a price. We can never know all there is to know about someone as no one will ever know all there is to know about us. So the most of our relationships end up in disappointment.

Maybe humans are by nature too complicated to be fully understood. But this is the moment when we have to choose: either to approach the ones around us with suspicion or with an open mind that is armed with a great deal of candor and optimism.


We need relationships because without them we could never truly experience happiness or sadness.


Relationships are a kind of a heaven that we lose and regain constantly, but always differently – a few people are meant to stay in our lives till the end.

As a conclusion the answer to Do we really need relationships? is complex yet impossible to provide. Actually we never really understand the importance of something until we lose it. Even if we invest feelings in one’s presence in our life, there will always come a time when we realize that all was in vain, when all the love, respect and communication we gave, turn into nothing else but silence. It is painful but it is necessary.


Relationships are an adventure but in the same time a lesson that nourishes our soul, that breaks it into thousands of pieces.